Getting organised

Don’t you just hate it, when you’re emptying receipts out of your bag/jeans/car and not knowing what to do with them?

I don’t know how it happens, but every time I empty my bag, there’s always a stash of receipts …and I don’t know what to do with them!!!!

Actually I think I know how these things happen, EVERY time I make a purchase, they’ll ask, “would you like a receipt?” and I will ALWAYS say yes, just in case I need a time stamp to evidence my alibi for a crime that I didn’t commit…

…or be convinced that I’ll look back and regret, for whatever reason, I didn’t keep that receipts.

I had been flirting with various ideas for a system of filing my receipt, but it always seemed like too much work.

Alas, I still end up throwing them out.

One fateful day, having too much time on my hands waiting for my plane at the airport, I stumbled upon the solution to my problem. I was lured in by the red sales sign at Kikki.K that led me to the purchase of this (of which I have now…misplaced >.<):

Kikki K – Receipt Book

Costed about $18 Singapore dollars (would’ve been AUD $14.95, had I’d waited to buy it in Oz).
It contains 12 individual envelopes with lines and headings to allow for details of dates, amounts and description of receipts.

Inside the receipt book

Then I found this at Typo (turns out, they’re owned by Cotton On):

Typo Receipt Book

Not as neat and only 10 envelopes, but half the price, selling for AUD $7.95 AND THEN IT WAS ON SALE FOR AUD $4.OO…so I bought two!

Upon search on the Typo websites, it looks like the receipt books that I had purchased has been replaced by these:

Typo – Clutch File

Available in these designs…

Look’s quite nifty (for AUD $9.95)…but not as handy if I wanted to retrieve receipts since there’s not space for notes.

Alternatively, the internet has found me these:

Ms Money – Spending Diary

but they are by far, the most chic and expensive(…AUD $24.95…) among it’s peers…and a little rich for my blood…

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